Surviving Stylish Kids

Man, parenting has its challenges. I'm willing to bet dressing your children is one of them! I wonder if somewhere there's a child who wears what you want him or her to wear without issue, every time. Do you exist? Please find me. I might even agree to have a third child. 

Then, there's my Lucy. My strong-willed girly girl who WILL NOT go anywhere without a "ballerina" (this is the term she uses to describe a skirt, or ruffle of any kind). She doesn't have a uniform for school, yet, so she insists on wearing a dress everyday. I've had to navigate around this to make sure her nicer things aren't sent off into the darkness of daycare destruction, so here are a few of my tips for those of you dealing with similar issues:

1. Separate the items in her closet and designate which are "daycare dresses" and which are "fancy dresses".

2. When it's time to get dressed, grab a few appropriate dresses and ALLOW HER TO CHOOSE which one SHE wants. This way, she's wearing something you are OK with her wearing, but she still thinks she has the power. Tell her you definitely DON'T want her to wear the purple dress. Guess which one she'll pick? HA! 

3. If something is totally off limits ... aka the Elsa dress, or the bee costume for the 3000th time... HIDE IT. 


4. Decide what's really important. Do I want to create an epic meltdown because she insists on wearing her dress backwards so she can see the pretty buttons? Not really. And when I look back on the photo of her cheesy little smile with her dress on backwards, I'll laugh and remember the moment. 


Honestly, I love her passion for style. It can create chaos in the morning, but it's one of my very favorite things about her little personality, and one of the reasons I love choosing items for Lucy James to share with you all. It brings a smile to my face to see how she pairs certain things and creates a flat lay on her floor with her outfit of the day (she really does this, everyday, even for her jammies... because she can't just wear the matching set, but we'll talk about that later). 

I hope some of my suggestions help you fellow parents of stylish kids! Good luck, and just let her change her outfit for the 38th time today and wear ALL the accessories. She's only little once :)


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