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Collection: #TheKindKids

A collection of clothing for #thekindkids of the world to wear to promote inclusion in schools and combat the bullying epidemic. No child should ever feel left out! Whether your child is outgoing, or a shy kid who might be misunderstood as unfriendly or uninterested, he or she is the perfect candidate to wear one of these positive tees. These pieces are meant to spark conversation, make people smile,  and end exclusion once and for all. 

We were inspired by a little boy named Blake who asked his mom to make him a shirt that said "I will be your friend" for the first day of school. What an amazing little heart he has! His mission has grown and gained so much support, and we want to contribute somehow. We are donating a portion of the proceeds from #thekindkids collection to our charity of choice, Shoes That Fit. Please click the link to read more about the great things they're doing for kids and families in need. 

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